Repair and Refurbishment

At Pursuit 4 we can provide, screen, grade, test, repair and refurbishment processes from software upgrade through to component replacement. Our primary focus is always on turning round repairs in the fastest possible time to ensure that the time a customer spends without their device is ketp to an absolute minimum. We understand in this day and age how important each device is to every customer and also how the delivery of a high quality service on behalf of our clients can have a positive impact on their brands and customer retention.


We also recognise the importance for customers to be able to book their handset at their convenience and once in the repair cycle to have the peace of mind in monitoring their handset within our process. With that in mind we have developed flexible processes which allow customers to book the return of their handset back to us using the process of their choice, either via our online booking system, which can be rolled out to POS, or using our dedicated call centre and this also can include the despatch of packaging for the return of their faulty devices. Once received and within our repair process our system also provides customers with the ability to track their handset through each stage of the repair process.


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