Insurance & Extended Warranty

At Pursuit 4 we recognise that every business has their own unique and distinct needs and the ability to retain customers in an increasingly competitive market is ever more important. Access to more diverse and dynamic product ranges has resulted in customer brand loyalty shifting and the focus on the customer experience is never more important. The design of secure, transparent and customer specific solutions for consumers who need to be connected securely at all times has never been more in demand.

warranty Pursuit 4 has developed experience, partnerships and processes which ensure that we can offer our customers maximized repair yields and to minimize the cost of replacement new devices. With repair capability which is experienced in the recovery of beyond economical handsets, handsets returned with faults which may be unrecoverable for other repairers such as liquid and board damage, major cosmetic damage such as smashed lcd’s our expertise ensures the maximum recovery of returned handsets is acheived.

Using our buy back and trade in solutions we can also offer sourcing, repair and refurbishment to support our clients exchange programs to ensure that our clients customers receive replacement handsets in the shortest possible timescale.