Buy Back and Trade In

Pursuit 4 offer mobile operators, retailers, insurance companies, corporations and charities buy back and trade in solutions designed to extend a handsets lifecycle by reusing as many as possible, reducing E-waste, developing incremental revenue streams and driving customer acquisition and retention.


Our service is flexible and can be customised to fit multiple channels, with point of sale, online and call centre capabilities, it can be effectively rolled out within any network, ensuring a streamlined and simple start up, enhancing our client’s service proposition and supporting market growth.

The processes we can offer are designed to reduce the cost of handset subsidies which are associated with the replacement of returned handsets and demonstrate the value to the consumer in as new condition handsets recovered via our processes.


Our service includes the collection, inspection, evaluation, refurbishment and resale of handsets, with a focus on client and customer experience, turnaround time, recovery yield, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing revenue returns.