About Us

Pursuit4 offer after sales solutions to the mobile handset industry, with the aim of enabling our customers to deliver the best possible services and experience to their customers.

At our headquarters in Newmarket Suffolk, we manage our UK operations, whilst our office in Johannesburg enables us to continue our development within the African market, where we now have representation in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Namibia and Algeria.




Our flexibility as an organisation combined with our natural flair for innovation, ensure we design secure, high quality, end to end or individual services and has proven successful in the fast moving, emerging markets we are present in. Our local market expertise ensure that our channel development and management strategies are built to transform challenges into opportunities.

The services we offer have been specialised for the second user and used handset markets in emerging markets and include buy back and trade in, reverse logistics, screen and grade, right through to refurbishment, resale and recycling. We also understand the value add and positive impact on customer brands that high quality customer service and customer care management can provide and is something we are committed to at Pursuit4.


We value our client relationships and always strive to identify opportunities to improve performance, to make our processes as efficient and effective as possible. Starting out as a small privately owned business, there is an embedded business culture which strives to aim for high quality service as cost effectively as possible, maximising returns whilst controlling operating costs for our clients.


Our aim is to develop sustainable business and long term relationships with our clients by over delivering value.


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